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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Tips for skin beauty

Tips for skin beauty

Introduction The face is the mirror of the soul, that's the proper nutrition, maintain the shine and skin health has many dimensions of the most important significance to the health and beauty of the face that reflects the spirit Eshragueth mental health.

There are many many masks and mixtures that may be used by women - and men too - to improve her skin, and get a nice and bright face, but the most important things that you should know the girl is her skin type suitable natural mixtures.

It should not dispersion itself Boukltat masks many recipes and in the end do not use any of them, so you should focus on a natural mixture of one or two follow-up and continue on.

Maintaining the cleanliness of the face, use a good lotion to three times a day, it is a very important addition to the lack of sleep and the final make-up on the face, because the skin has renewed its activity at night and make-up clog pores.


Lack of face wash hot water, and not to play with intensity and bend it to form movements slapstick unnecessary, and to refrain from smoking, and foods that are harmful to skin and body is important, in addition to drinking water continuously and the best way is to drink half a cup of water every half hour ..oo drinking little every ten minutes.

Of course there are many masks him what for oily, dry, mixed, and the ordinary, just know its kind of your skin may know this easily by looking at the mirror, and if you find it difficult to define it or you d determine the type Seek the help Bkhbayrh skin thoroughly.

The use of natural Almakecrat skin greatly help in cell renewal and give preeminence to the skin, and there are many natural Almakecrat.

Lemon is one of the most natural things that renews the skin and gives preeminence and address many of the problems dark Kbaka, and clean it dramatically, but beware of sun exposure after using it.

Eating cucumber and place it on the skin gives the skin freshness and healthy high, and also use the yeast with masks, foam yeast gives a natural swelling of the face.


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