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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

What is the damage mint

There are plenty of herbs which are not uncommon in our homes, and the mint herbs, we use Kmenkh black tea, and add it to many of the authorities, and we use in the preparation of some of the sometimes foods, and is used in the manufacture of toothpastes clean, as drinking boiled as a kind of hot drinks. What is a mint? What are the benefits?What are the damages?


Mint green is a green grasses that grow in the soil and need attention, which contains a lot of important vitamins and minerals for a healthy body, and because it contains a powerful anti-oxidant. And mint green paper has a taste spicy and refreshing at the same time, and has a strong pungent odor, and is said to be the original home of the mint was in the east, where the easterners used it first, then go to Greece and Rome, and then moved to Europe, and it was considered old in the Arab country, a symbol of generosity and hospitality .

There are a lot of benefits offered by us, grassy green mint, because it contains a high proportion of menthol oil, organic acids, proteins, fibers, and other useful materials. Mint is useful for the skin especially oily skin, as the mixture with lemon mint, rosemary, marjoram is used in the work of the steam bath for the skin, it is used as an anti fungal for the skin and protect it from infections and acne.


The mint is useful for the skin and protect it from any infections. Mint is also useful for us and the hair of all kinds, it helps to get rid of dandruff and dry hair, as it helps to stimulate and increase hair growth, which is at the same time to drink boiling helps the body to increase the burn excess calories and increase fat burning. The mint is also the body is useful in alleviating the symptoms of colds, coughs and colds, which helps to relieve headaches and head pain. It also helps to alleviate the problems of the colon and irritable bowel syndrome and relieve constipation and gas abdomen and stomach problems and Swells and diarrhea.

Despite the many benefits of mint but there are some cases that are recommended by staying away from it, for example, the mother does not recommend giving her baby boiled mint because it contains a large amount of Almithol. The carrier does not recommend the drink of a lot - especially in the early months of pregnancy - where the mint during pregnancy activates the uterus, thus increasing the probability of abortion and miscarriage, as it may cause other problems for pregnant women as a problem Flashback acidity or reflux problem. In addition, drinking mint in large quantities may be a cause of histological changes in the brain, which also causes dry mouth, vomiting, too. It also works as one of the most powerful sexual stimuli that affect men, and cause insomnia and difficulty sleeping


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