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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

What is the use of mint

Mint of perennial plants because of its strong smell and beautiful, grows in aquatic complexes, in temperate climates, and may use either so dry or fresh, it has to add to the authorities, and drinks such as tea; as it has a good flavor and a distinctive scent.

Types of mint: (catnip, and water mint, mint leaves Long, Australian mint, mint field, mint fragile ...).
But this plant has many benefits to human health, these benefits:
1. Tskiyn nerve pain.
2. It treats disorders of the bile, and live lower abdominal pain, and menstrual pain; Verdi muscles of the uterus, and expel intestinal gas.
3. mint is anti-inflammatory, and repelling disease hepatitis.
4. Works mint on the broadcast power and activity in the body.
5. and used for diseases of arthritis and rheumatism.
6. drinking mint continuously activates the brain and the heart and circulatory system.
7. strengthens the liver and pancreas.
8. Yellin intestines, and expels worms and bacteria and parasites that may infect the human body.
9. Deals with colic and diarrhea.
10. Relieves acidity.
11. Works to remove mouth odor, and softens when mint chew gum and tooth pain, and when the gurgling water mint handles so laryngitis.
12. Boil mint or added to tea leaves help to suffer from colds; expand the airways.
13. anyone who has difficulty in digestion, drinking mint works to help digestion and relieves intestinal cramps.
14. help to open the appetite.
15. treats irritable bowel disease in adults and young children.
16. It speeds up the healing process of the flu illnesses and colds.
17. Treats tuberculosis.
18. repellent Bglm and coughing.
19. Mint enzymes help in the prevention of cancer, such as cancers of the lung and skin and prostate.
20. Treats depression, fatigue and anxiety and tension.
21. The smell of fresh mint leaves help those suffering from nausea, both travel sickness or nausea pregnancy.
22. Snuff papers also improves memory.
23. Mint enhances the immune system and strengthen it; because it contains nutrients such as calcium and phosphorus, and vitamins (J, D, C).
24. and help to stimulate the burning of fat in the body

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