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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

What is maple syrup

Maple (maple) botanical genus of quarterly or maple (soap), and maple types: (sugar maple, red maple, black maple, maple leaves Quintet, Italian maple, maple-ring, and three-Maple people) .tnmo Agayguib tree in Canada , knew Canada carries the slogan (maple leaf), which frequently grow the tree. They grow in upland forest areas, and Tapetr months of ornamental trees for the beauty of the landscape.

And the fruit is very useful for a person maple, is extracted from this fruit drink is called Diabetes (the golden drink), extracted from sugar is Qaibdila for beet and sugar cane. This sugar is present in the tree throughout the year from starchy stockpile.
The benefits of maple syrup that helps slow the growth of cancer cells in the prostate glands and glands of the lungs.As fighting and maple syrup bacteria in the body, and helps in reducing the incidence of diabetes; because it contains antioxidants. And it helps to drink maple syrup in the treatment of diseases of the colon and brain diseases.
Maple syrup contains important minerals Kamaadn (manganese and zinc), which help to protect the heart, and strengthen the immune system, the body Faihma from cold and fever. It also contains other minerals (such as calcium and thiamin and Albotasseyoum and magnesium), and all these vitamins protect the body from strokes and high blood pressure.

And is a natural source of sugar maple syrup, enjoyed his drink anti-inflammatory properties, and helps to reduce calories. And it helps manganese metal found in maple syrup to increase energy and contain antioxidants which in turn helps nerves work better, with the workings of the brain as well.
And drinking maple syrup provide the body with vitamin B, and is working to fight premature aging, because it contains anti-oxidants topical Portal addresses maple syrup digestion problems, Calantfajat and gases, and protects the digestive system from damage. And it helps to nourish the skin, drink rubbing the skin with oatmeal and milk yen Bamlon to give proper nutrition required and softness of the skin.


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