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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Benefits of Malt

Malt drink

The malt drink one more types of cold natural drinks beneficial to health, as it accepted to take it up a lot of people especially in the summer, given as it contains nutrients very important return on the health of their bodies benefit a lot and save them from multiple types of diseases, Vparwb barley mine metals and vitamins and dietary fiber, making it the first drink, which is recommended by doctors around the world, and has recently been improving the taste of malt drink by adding fruit flavors his Kaltot, apples, strawberries and others.

Benefits of Malt

  • Malt beverage most famous for the treatment of urinary tract problems is generating abnormal urine washes and cleanses the urinary tract and activates the kidneys work and dissolve kidney stones, bladder and gall bladder, and prevents posed concludes the urinary tract of germs and bacteria and plaque-causing chronic inflammation and prevents the accumulation of salts that cause be painful gravel.
  • Malt drink contains a high proportion of plant fibers, making it the tonic and tonic intestines based on rid of waste and toxins and facilitating intestinal motility and lubricate the intestines and prevent constipation.
  • Malt syrup helps to withstand high temperatures is naturally cooler for the body and a reduced heat and refreshing of the hull so we find most people accept to take it up in the hot summer.
  • According malt drink expectant mother, preventing her infections, urinary tract and prevent constipation experienced by most pregnant women as well as stimulates circulation has and strengthens their health and the health of the fetus because it contains a good percentage of metals as well as prevent swollen feet due to fluid retention, as well as regulates the level of sugar has Viqiha the incidence of gestational diabetes.
  • Useful for the treatment of blood "anemic" anemia because it contains minerals, vitamins and fibers, especially metallic iron, copper Mufadan to stimulate the production of red blood cells and increase the proportion of hemoglobin in the blood.
  • Helps to improve the process of burning calories in the body because it contains fiber and low in calories is a tonic for the metabolism and is beneficial to reduce the weight and operations slimming and melt the fat accumulated in the body and give the stomach a feeling of fullness and satiety, thereby reducing excessive food appetite.
  • Stimulates malt drink work of the immune system in the body, which shield them from infections caused by viruses, bacteria, microbes and bacteria in order to contain the proportion of vitamin C comparable to those found in citrus fruits, so it is recommended capturing for the treatment of influenza and flu colds and flu.
  • It reduces malt drink from the ratio of LDL cholesterol in the body, which protects the heart from disease and stroke, vascular and works to reduce and regulate high blood caused by blockages of the arteries and clots of blood pressure.
  • Protects against osteoporosis once and for all because it contains a high percentage of Alcalaseyoum, phosphorus, copper, amount higher than those found in milk.
  • Anti-aging and reduces the appearance of wrinkles and gives the skin elasticity and glow and look young for a longer period.

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