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Saturday, June 18, 2016

Where is Sweden

Scandinavia is the term given to a group of countries share the common denominators among them, which states (North) is located in the north of the continent of Europe, representing the State of Sweden, Norway, Denmark,
Finland, Iceland, and except for their participation in the geographical location (northern Europe), these the country have a common language, namely, (Nordic), the ancient language, and shares as well as in cultural heritage, cultural, and historical. In our article we will talk about this one of these countries, namely Sweden.

Sweden is one of Scandinavia, which is located in the north of the continent of Europe, bordered to the north-eastern state of Finland, and bounded to the west state of Norway, while engaged in freely with Germany borders Poland and Denmark in the south, and is bordered to the east state of Estonia, Latvia, Russia, They are linked by Denmark (bridge and tunnel) in the south of the country Oresund. Sweden is the third state in the EU in terms of size space, but the population density is low compared to the surface area, and the capital of this country is the "Stockholm", which is the largest city in the state and most civilization and civilized.

The official language of Sweden is Swedish, one of the Germanic languages, which is very similar to the Norwegian and Danish language being involved in the origin of these languages ​​"Germanic." As for religion in this country, the country's population in ancient times worshiped idols since ancient times, and then Christianity the official religion became the country's atheist century, and there are currently a Christian Lutheran, and Protestant, and the lack of Alordhuks, in spite of that, this country is considered the state the highest in world in terms of the number of atheists and those who do not believe in any religion.

Accordingly, the fact that Sweden, one of the developed European countries, the health system has a very sophisticated, and the numbers of a few deaths, education system and all the other services advanced systems to a large extent. Regarding the food system and food traditions, they are similar to a large extent with the rest of Scandinavia, which are based on the basis of fish, potatoes, meat in the traditional and popular diets. In the area of ​​sports Sweden is one of the best countries in the world in this area, where they were able to a lot of players the creators graduated in several areas, it has hosted the Olympics in 2010, and was the seventh state in terms of its success in establishing the Olympic Games on its territory.

The official currency in the country is (Swedish krona) and the economy has a well developed and successful, they are one of the best countries in the export business, and has the hands of a skilled workforce., Where exports Sweden wood, sophisticated electrical energies, and also produces iron, as well as automotive manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, and systems advanced communications, and economic systems, relies heavily on technology.

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